Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zipper the Rabbit

Zipper is a super model. She has stared in several photo shoots for the Rabbitron campaign. She is a very petite girl with a big attitude. She is very lively and even though she is so small she needs a whole lot of room to run. She is very feisty for being so small and often picks a fight with bunnies much bigger than herself. She almost had her modeling career ruined when she got bit on the nose by Fuzzy, but luckily a veterinarian was able to sew it up almost as good as new.

Zipper's bonded companion is Little Scout, he is a polish and is only 2 lbs himself. The tiny and energetic duo of Zipper and Scout rule the rabbit house, neither of them seem to notice that they are a fraction of the size of the other rabbits!

Zipper shows us that bunnies have different personalities, and require us to figure out what their needs are and do our best to accomodate them. Let them live out their dreams (even if it’s a modeling career) and to take them to the vet for care when they need it.

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